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Gem’s dental chair

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Gem’s dental chair

Gem’s dental chair: Meet Elissa Boon, Holistic & Biological Dentist from WA

We’re big on amplifying the voices of the broader dental community in Australia. Why? Because education is paramount. Chatting to the experts is a way that we can hold Gem products against a rigorous industry standard, especially when they divulge why our cult favourite pastes make a good smile. 

Today, holistic and biological dentist Elissa Boon sits in our proverbial dentist’s chair. Elissa’s field of work is one shrouded by a bit of elusivity at times, but her passion and expertise will answer any questions of qualms you might have. A lover of Gem’s tooth toolkit, Elissa explains why toxic-free toothpastes are on her radar, how she comes to recommend products for clients, and where her journey in dentistry began. 

Read on to learn Elissa’s favourite Gem flavour, where you can find her for a pearly whites welfare check-up, and the simple ritual you can instil now to prevent decay in years to come. 

What do you do for work? And how did you come to do it?

I'm a holistic/biological dentist in Perth, WA. My main loves in my field are helping patients lead a toxic-free lifestyle, improving symptoms of chronic illness through optimising oral health and doing smile makeovers.

Unfortunately, conventional dental school doesn't teach you much about the holistic way of life, so I went out on my own to educate myself about natural remedies, homoeopathy, holistic practices, allergies, chinese medicine, body meridians, metal toxicity and much more. I still practise dentistry to the highest Australian standards, but I am very mindful of the implications of anything and everything on each individual patient. Come and visit me at Crown Holistic Dental!

Why did you become a dentist? 

When I was about 12, at a dental appointment, I watched the dental assistant mix some medication in a tiny bowl with a tiny mixer and I was FASCINATED! Since that moment, I wanted to do everything dental. I started my journey and worked as a dental assistant throughout highschool, did my first bachelors dental degree, and then my second doctorate, and here we are.

Tell us a bit about your life outside of work. What can we find you up to in your downtime? 

I love a good beach walk. Perth has some of the most stunning beaches in Australia, so you'd be a fool not to want to soak up all those negative ions along the shore. I'm a big movie watcher too and love to see something new on the big screen.

How did you discover Gem, and what were your first impressions of our product repertoire? 

I'd been researching toxic-free toothpastes on the Australian market and found that Gem as a brand really vibes with me and my way of life. Every ingredient is very thoughtfully put into the mix and I appreciate no nasties. It's really easy to order and not too expensive. We actually want to stock these at our clinic Crown Holistic Dental…

How do you best recommend oral care for clients? And how has Gem come into this? 

I like to research heavily into what I'm first purchasing for myself. After I test drive a product and I like it myself, it's got no nasties, a nice taste and mouthfeel, then I'll go ahead and recommend it to my patients. So far, I am loving every Gem product I have tried. The Coco Mint toothpaste is great — I love coconut!

What's one of the most easily avoidable dental hygiene/health issues you see commonly in clients? How can they prevent it?

Dental decay. Preventing decay is quite easy and comes down to oral hygiene. Twice daily for brushing and once daily for flossing is all it takes to prevent cavities. I recommend an electric toothbrush if you can afford one, too.