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The Mouth ~ Gut Connection

  • 3 min read

The Mouth ~ Gut Connection

Did you know your oral health can directly affect your overall well-being? 

Founder Georgia Geminder spent years immersed in the wellness space, having worked at Remedy Kombucha ~ a brand championing probiotics. Educated on the importance of gut health, microbiomes, natural ingredients, and the power of forming healthy habits, Gem was born. The overachieving, new generation oral care range that focuses on your mouth’s connection to the gut and body. 

Understanding Oral Microbiome

The Oral Microbiome is a unique community of bacteria found in the mouth, helping perform vital functions to keep our mouths healthy. Some of these functions include aiding in teeth remineralisation, carrying oxygen to the gums and soft tissue, and removing free radicals, waste and harmful elements from the surface. 

Did you know there’s approximately 6 billion bacteria in the mouth? These species make up your oral microbiome, which lead directly to your gut. You’ve probably heard of the adverse health effects a negatively balanced gut can have on mood, weight and chronic conditions such as dementia, but how does this relate to the mouth?

The mouth mirrors what’s happening in your body, and is the gateway to the gut.

Every time you swallow, thousands of bacteria travel through your body. This compiles both good and bad bacteria (balance is key!). Unlike other products on the market, Gem helps your good bacteria thrive. 

This standard of oral health sets the tone for your gut, as it links directly by flowing down the mouth and into the digestive tract, to form the gut microbiome. Studies have shown a clear link between oral disease and systemic disease, so why not stop poor health before it starts - with great oral care! 

“Brush twice daily, floss every day, drink plenty of water and eat natural foods. If you are taking care of your mouth you are reducing your risk of systemic diseases. There are links between gum disease and cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and so much more.” - Dr Lewis Ehrlich

How we do it

Gem’s formulas nurture your oral microbiome, not wipe it out. Many oral care products were developed by soap manufacturers many years ago, and are detergent or alcohol-based - a big NO for the microbiome makeup. These harmful products wipe out good and bad bacteria. 

Gem harnesses the power of nature with an innovative ingredients list. Meet some of our hero products for a happy mouth…

Natural Toothpaste

Start by elevating your brushing routine. Our natural, Australian-made paste is probiotic-rich, non toxic, and the first toothpaste in Australia to contain an oral probiotic. Made with you in mind, to whiten teeth, freshen breath & help reduce plaque.

Oral-Microbiome Friendly Mouthwash

We said goodbye to the chemicals found in regular mouthwash products, and hello to natural wonders like chlorophyll, neem and propolis to allow for a healthy oral microbiome, where good bacteria thrives.

Our mouthwash features Propolis Extract, a natural substance, collected by honey bees, that inhibits bacterial activity without damaging the oral microbiome. Most importantly, our propolis is derived in a way that does not damage the bees that produce it. Another key ingredient here is Neem, A natural herb from the Neem tree that reduces odour-causing bacteria. It’s been proven to fight tooth decay and oral infections and can prevent sore and bleeding gums. Neem is a powerful substance, and for this reason, we use less than 0.001% Neem to ensure we are providing a level that is safe to humans.


Remember, it all starts with the mouth!