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We ask three Gem girls what’s inside their terry-towelling bag this summer.

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We ask three Gem girls what’s inside their terry-towelling bag this summer.

Beauty on the go, on hiatus, and on high rotation.

Summer is a time when makeup (and its rigorous reapplication) falls at the wayside, in the best possible way. We’re salty and exfoliated by the sand, kissed by the sun (safely, of course) and freckle-laden. A glow radiates from within — is it because we’ve seen friends, indulged in good food, or been tousled by remedial tides? It’s a delicious mix of all the bona fide rewards of a holiday, and we’re here for it. But on the occasion you’d like to rejuvenate some skin, enhance that healthy sheen, or replenish your skin, a few essential self-care tools are welcomed. A place to keep them tidy and together is another bright idea — and exactly where our Gem terry-towelling bag comes into play. 

After brushing, swishing or spritzing with our go-to products, let them mingle with your other holy grail essentails inside a compact, cute and astonishingly spacious beauty case. She’s soft, flexible and here to stay for summers to come. To give you some inspiration on filling your terry-towelling with a considered approach to a capsule collection of lacquers, balms and lotions, we’ve summoned three Australian creatives to unzip theirs. 

Here,  Elleny Kourtis,  Bella de Almeida Reis, and Elena Grilli  share what seasonal must-haves should be on your radar, in case you’re looking for a 2022 reboot. Milk the summer for all of its impromptu aperitivos, late swims, laissez-faire makeup and long lie-ins for as long as you can…

Where are you taking your terry-towelling bag this summer? (home, staycay, getaway, weekend stint somewhere?)

Elle: To my Hamilton Island Getaway over summer, perfect size for my suitcase.  

Bella: My terry-towelling came to Sydney with me for Christmas! I hid it away in my sister’s sweet lil home with her two cats, where we had many pampering nights for ultimate relaxation. Now I’m back for the rest of summer, at home in Melbourne.

Elena: My towelling bag will come with me every time I go to the beach. And if I’m lucky enough to travel, it’s a must-have in my luggage!

What are the non-negotiable beauty bits we'll find inside? 

Elle: Ultra Violette Lean Screen SunscreenFresh Sugar Lip BalmDrunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum, Cera-V AM MoisturizerAvenue Thermal Spring Water SprayRMS Lip to Cheek TintMecca Max Off Duty BB Cream. And Gem toothpaste, of course! 

Bella: Such a hard one, but I would have to say I can’t go without my Ultra Violette Supreme Sunscreen (literally my no.1 product). After applying that to my face, I go in with my essential makeup bits, like Kosas’ tinted face oil, Mecca Max’s Whip Lash Tubing Mascara, Benefit Cosmetics’ 24-hour brow setterRMS’ lip2cheek and Replica’s Matcha Meditation perfume. Then, my glowy base is sorted! For on the go, I’d also carry my Gem Breath Spray and Lanolips 101 ointment.  

Elena: Always a lip balm or gloss, some argan oil or rosehip oil to replenish the skin after swimming in saltwater, and if I need to go out, I’ll usually keep a cream blush stick for perfect sun-kissed skin (without the UV damage)!


An underrated, affordable beauty product we should know about?

Elle: Weleda Skin Foods. I literally take this with me in my bag everywhere. 

Bella: Oh, it totally has to be Skin Control’s pimple patches. These are only $9 for a pack of 36 patches and they have changed my life! You can find them at most supermarkets/pharmacies. I’ll just use one patch overnight and my pimple is immediately reduced in size, is flatter and less painful. No need to try and pop your pimple (I know we’re all guilty of it), so just stick one of these on and it’ll prevent any nasty stuff from getting in there.

Elena: The Mecca off duty cream blush sticks. I use them every day in summer and keep them with me on the go. They’re easy to blend and make your skin look so dewy.