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Meet The Dentist: Anthony O'Rourke

  • 1 min read

Meet The Dentist: Anthony O'Rourke

What got you into dentistry?

My brother was at university having a great time studying dentistry, and I thought it was a great combination of science and using your hands.

What do you love most about your job? 

I love meeting interesting people, from all backgrounds, getting to know them, and helping them achieve their oral health goals.

What’s something you like to ponder when brushing your teeth?

Ponder when we will all be able to travel internationally again!

What’s one thing you want everyone to know about taking care of their mouth? 

Reduce the frequency of sugar taken in. 

Why does the oral microbiome matter?

Oral cavity is the gateway to the rest of the digestive system, and maintaining oral health and good bacteria are essential to your overall well being.

How do you think dentistry is evolving?

Dentistry will become digitised, with patients more aware and in control of their oral health, and bioinformatics will improve the ability to detect problems earlier.

Describe the clinic of your dreams…

A great team working in unity to achieve great results.