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Ummm, Thanks... 6 weird gifts that are no longer weird

  • 2 min read

Ummm, Thanks... 6 weird gifts that are no longer weird

Christmas. The time to come together, share good food, indulge in one too many cocktails and of course dish out the presents. And when it comes to gifting, it can be easy to get it wrong. What you might have meant as a thoughtful gesture could be interpreted as a passive-aggressive slag. Equally there are lots of gifts that used to be offensive that have been reimagined, re-engineered and ridden some powerful trends, to make them gifting winners. So, let’s have a look at some gifts that have moved from offensive to awesome.


There’s something quite unceremonious about a Christmas present found in the grocery store. However, you can now personalise a Vegemite label and that takes a very average gift and turns it into something extraordinary.


The ultimate in loungewear, hooded blankets were once the domain of the lazy. But thanks to Covid, Netflix and Uber Eats, we have a new-found appreciation for chilling and embarked on a quest to perfect ‘veg mode’. Hooded Blankets are no longer a waster’s paradise, they’re an important part of self-care. And who could dare question the importance of self-care? !If you’re going to gift this, we suggest going all out and getting one covered Pizza-Print.


Gifting a kitchen appliance is a slippery slope, especially when given between hetero-couples – namely, man to woman. In fact, Hollywood has shown us many relationship bust-ups over the inherently-sexist, domestic-binding gifts. Enter Vitamix to shake it all up and make their blender the ultimate gift for those firmly planted on the ‘my body is a temple’ train.


Hand Cream may have been the most popular gift of the 2000’s, but hand sanitiser is ready to step into that limelight. Receiving hand sanitiser for Christmas in 2019 would have been downright weird. But now, it’s appreciated. Especially as they’ve now become all sorts of premium with essential oils and sexy packaging.


A few years ago, if someone gave you wad of Colgate, you’d assume it was a crushing inditement on your breath, or that the only shop open on Christmas morning was a chemist. But toothpaste has changed. Brands like Gem have made it premium, beautiful, natural and something you actually want on your bathroom counter. When it comes to Christmas gifts, we like to live by the adage every Australian… “anything from Mecca”. You’ll find Gem online at Mecca next year, but until then, you can get some here.


We used to hide our acne away. If someone gave you Proactive for Christmas, you’d probably curse their name for all time. But now, the ‘Flawsome generation’ are all about imperfections, and embracing the foibles and flaws they have. Brands like ZitSticka make pimple patches with pride. With quirky graphics and bold messaging, they’d go down a treat under any Christmas tree.