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For all the first-timers ready to upgrade their routine.

What is it:
Give the gift of a luxurious beauty routine, or transform your own daily ritual with our ideal starter pack. We've got every step covered, starting with our Triple Whitening Toothpaste for a brighter smile, paired with our elevated Electric Toothbrush to deepen the clean. Then take a sip of our neem and propolis-powered Mouthwash. Every day touch-ups wouldn't be complete without our sensitivity-certified Whitening Pen, and our antibacterial Breath Spray. 

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    Key ingredients + -

    Lactobacillus Salivarius (found in our Triple Whitening Toothpaste) is an oral probiotic that prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria, encourages good bacteria and helps to establish a healthy oral microbiome. 

    Sodium Menthyl Cocoyl Taurate (found in our Breath Spray & Triple Whitening Toothpaste) is a sulphate-free, naturally derived alternative to one of the nasty nine: SLS. Derived from coconut, this mild surfactant has very low irritation potential and has strong cleansing properties.

    Melia Azadirachta (Neem) Leaf Extract (found in our Mouthwash) is a natural herb from the Neem tree that reduces odour-causing bacteria. Additionally, Neem has been proven to fight tooth decay and oral infections and can prevent sore and bleeding gums.

    Phyhalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP) (found in our Whitening Pen) is a scientifically proven teeth whitening ingredient and the hero behind our safe, low-sensitivity whitening tool. 

    Polypropylene (found in our Electric Toothbrush) is considered a safer and recyclable type of plastic.

    View all our ingredients here.

    How to Use + -

    Toothbrush: Press the button twice to power on, press and hold to power off. To change between modes (sensitive, white, clean) press and hold the button for 8 seconds. Brush teeth for 2 minutes, morning and evening. Be gentle - the sonic brush will do the hard work for you! Your toothbrush will buzz every 30 seconds as a reminder to change the area you're brushing. Allow the battery to run all the way down before first use, then recharge for 2 hours. When attaching the toothbrush head, leave a 1-2mm gap between the head and handle. Apply your desired amount of toothpaste. Turn the device on and brush! Brush for 2 minutes, changing between modes for optimal results. Power off before removing toothbrush head. Clean the toothbrush by running under water and wipe hand with a soft cloth to dry. Store well between uses. 

    Toothpaste: Use a small amount to brush gently, or as directed by your dental professional. Rinse and spit with water, twice daily.

    Mouthwash: Use twice a day after brushing your teeth. Take a healthy sip (15ml), swish for 30 seconds, then spit. Do not swallow. 

    Breath Spray: Direct spray nozzle into your mouth and push pump down once or twice for instant freshness. 

    Whitening Pen: Twist the bottom of the pen until liquid rises to the tip (about 15 cranks on your first go). Using the brush, apply a small amount of liquid to your teeth, avoiding your tongue and gums. Leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with water. Use once a day, preferably at night, after brushing your teeth. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after use. 

    What's Included + -

    Electric Toothbrush: Coconut

    What is it:
    With three modes, our Electric Toothbrush is perfect for sensitive teeth, tooth whitening and providing a deep clean.

    Why we love it:
    - Built-in 30-second timer so you can stick to your brushing ritual.
    - 34,200 brush movements per minute, ensuring power plaque removal.
    - The brush pulses fluid between teeth and gumline for a cleaner finish.
    - 3 modes and soft-bristled heads, suitable for sensitive teeth.
    - Luxurious colourways to suit your style.

    Triple Whitening Toothpaste: Crisp Mint

    What is it:
    Our Triple Whitening Toothpaste delivers a deeper clean for fresher breath and whiter teeth. We include science-backed, dentist driven and natural ingredients so you can brighten without the sensitivity.

    Why we love it:
    - Luxurious brushing (and foaming!) with naturally powerful ingredients ensures you get the most out of your routine.
    - Whitens without the harsh chemicals that strip your enamel.
    - We include an oral probiotic to balance your mouth's microbiome.
    - Leaves you with a clean and fresh finish to keep you rejuvenated all day.

    Mouthwash: Crisp Mint

    What is it:
    A moment for your mouth with Gem's alcohol-free mouthwash to detoxify and protect your oral microbiome. Featuring scientifically-proven natural ingredients to help good bacteria thrive.

    Why we love it:
    - Recyclable packaging that's good for the planet and even better for your mouth.
    - All-in-one functioning by removing stubborn food debris, protecting against cavities and fighting gum disease.
    - Maintains health in areas brushing doesn't reach. 

    Whitening Pen: Crisp Mint

    What is it:
    A swipe-and-smile secret weapon formulated for sensitive teeth. Gently brighten and deal with troublesome stains while lightening tooth enamel with science-backed ingredients.

    Why we love it:
    - Our formula has been specially curated for optimal whitening without irritation.
    - Brighten on the go with our easy-to-touch-up whitening pen applicator.
    - We use Phyhalimidoperoxycaproic Acid (PAP), a scientifically proven teeth whitening ingredient, that is non toxic to humans and is inherently biodegradable. 

    Breath Spray: Crisp Mint

    What is it:
    A refreshing breath spray packed with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to eliminate bad breath while supporting oral health effectively.

    Why we love it:
    - Effectively eliminates bad bacteria without detonating the good stuff.
    - On-the-go freshness in crucial moments and sleek packaging for an incognito spray.
    - One to two pumps are all you need for a rejuvenated freshness.

    "It's so gentle on the teeth, but gives you a thorough scrub. Love the design too, very elegant and minimalist. My boyfriend tried it and loves it too, now we both use it! The white setting has a really cool sound when you brush with it. Game changer!"

    - Maya D.

    "Love the gentleness and effectiveness of these products - leaves us feeling fresh and our teeth clean and bright. Feel really good knowing we are looking after our oral health as best we can and not using any nasties!"

    - Tracy J.

    "Loving our new toothbrush! Stylish, easy to use and cleans our teeth really well. Another fabulous Gem product!"

    - Sandy W.

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    Delicious - leaves my mouth feeling fresh & healthy

    Meet the dentists

    Dr. Lauren Fowler

    I think it is time for a shake up in the oral care world. For a long time, we have seen the same products in the same flavours, so with Gem I am loving that we have something new, something that is really safe, beautiful and chic but is also backed by science.


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        Dr. Madeleine Duff

        "The thing about Gem that I like is that they have replenished those elements of their toothpaste with hydroxyapatite, sodium bicarbonate and other elements that give us that whiter smile and protected enamel which a lot of other natural toothpastes tend to miss the mark on.”


        Top 2 Oral Care Tips
          Top 3 Favourite Gem Products